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Paying for a party bus or limousine truly isn’t as bad as it seems, especially with some extra tips that we’ll give you. As a successful transportation company, we know what to provide when it comes to amazing vehicles, and how to get you the lowest price possible. Our pricing revolves around a multitude of different variables in order to give you the lowest price at any given time, every single time. You don’t pay a penny extra than what is absolutely needed, and this fair pricing is what keeps us ahead of the game.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to get the lowest price possible. Our highest demand season from early spring until late summer will be a higher cost than the rest of the year, as well as weekends starting with Friday. Avoid these peak times to get the lowest cost. Also consider splitting the cost between all the passengers to make it even more affordable for all those involved. To compare to other chicago companies please see Chicago Limousine Pricing and for out of town try Battle Creek Limo Pricing.

All you’ll need to let our booking agents know is where you want to go, how many people you want to accommodate, and when you need service. This will allow us to give you the lowest quote on the market, guaranteed. You’ll be happy to know we don’t charge any hidden fees or taxes because we think it’s important to keep integrity as a business. Your happiness is the most important to us! If you want an affordable price quote, or you have more questions about our vehicles, you can call or email us at any time.